Shuttle wins BCN Award Top Prize two years in a row


Business Computer News (BCN), announced the winners for 2009, which was based on barebone sales volume in 2008. Shuttle was crowned the Top Prize among Barebone PC category. BCN AWARD is one of the most prestigious awards that IT companies can be awarded in Japan, for it honors top sellers according to the annual actual sales data collected from 2,360 computer stores throughout Japan. 

Among top 3 performers, Shuttle has taken approximately 45% of market share and is the only brand which increases growth rate compared to 2008. “Brand image is not the only incentive for customers to purchase a PC, but also high cost/performance ratio, stylish design, and service. The BCN Award shows that Shuttle accomplishes customer’s desire and expectations successfully,” said Ken Ito, Sales Director of Shuttle Inc. Japan.

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