Shuttle X50V2 All-in-One PC received the “Best Buy” award from


The Shuttle X50V2 All-in-One PC has recently received the “Best Buy” award from TurkChip. The review clearly points out why the Shuttle X50V2 is their all time favorites. Not only the review indicated its outstanding feature and upgradable specs that suits for everyone, but its thoughtful convertible stand and sleekly slim design makes it a true beauty inside out. This All-in-One PC will blend in any atmosphere with perfection, your home, office, school, store kiosk and any other places that can be critical with space. With its touch screen capability, this All-in-One will win your heart with just one magical touch. And with no doubt, the Shuttle X50V2 All-in-One PC deserves the TurkChip Best Buy Award for the year.

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