Shuttle SX58H7 Pro received an 8/10 rating and outstanding review from APC Australia


The Shuttle SX58H7 Pro has recently received the highly recommended award from APC Australia. The review stated that the SX58H7 Pro is the upgraded solution of Shuttle SX8H7 Pro with the finer touch and better performance. 

For testing, APC dropped in a Core i7 965 CPU, 8GB of 1,333MHz Corsair RAM, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 GPU and a 120GB Intel SSD. The editor was impressed by the high capacity that this tiny enclosure can support. 

The SX58H7 Pro encloses many excellent features such as 500W PSU, I.C.E, LGA1366 CPU and more that the performance is top-notch, and indicated the oomph in tiny machine, SX58H7 Pro contains.

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