Shuttle XPC Warranty Upgraded to 3 Years


(Taipei, Taiwan, 1 August, 2011) Shuttle Inc.,is recognized as an industry leading designer and manufacturer of small form factor (SFF) computers. 2001, Shuttle introduces the world’s first Small Form Factor PC, XPC SV24 and was selected as one of the greatest landmarks in PC history by the renowned authority - PC World magazine. To celebrate Shuttle’s 10th anniversary of XPC this year, Shuttle Inc. extends the warranty services on all series of Shuttle mini PCs, including XPC, All-in-One PC and Slim PC series. Starting 1st August, consumers will receive a 3-year warranty by purchasing any XPC.

Over the past decade, Shuttle has consistently designed, developed and delivered a whole new experience with a blend of small, portable and noiseless PC solutions to the global markets. Shuttle XPC has built up a group of loyal but yet trendy, edgy, and fashion forward consumer group. From the classic timeless XPC line to the recent cutting-edge slim PC, and the stylish chic All-In-One PC, Shuttle will continue to integrate to fit customers’ needs.

“In order to show appreciation for loyal support from our consumers, Shuttle’s support services will be upgraded by extending product warranty from two years to three years. Meanwhile, with Shuttle’s certified support and warranty services, this will enhance a positive image for consumers who are unfamiliar with XPC system, thus influencing their overall purchasing intention.” the President of Shuttle’s desktop division, David Pan states. 

*Note that each country may have regional specific warranty implications. Please contact your local distributor for warranty information and service.

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