Shuttle bags a Gold Medal from, SZ87R6 Mini-PC


Compact and powerful, the high-performance SZ87R6 Mini-PC made by Shuttle recently received a gold medal from, a prominent IT voice in Turkey. Having already received 6 awards since its release last year, the SZ87R6 barebone is proven to be successful in a wide range of applications, from high-performance gaming to multi-display digital signage.

The SZ87R6 is the latest in a long line of mini-PCs going all the way back to the world’s first-ever mini-PC made by Shuttle. The sleek aluminum chassis is 1/3 the size of a traditional tower desktop and houses a barebone powerful enough to support Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors and dual-slot graphics cards. The Gold Medal award from comes after a battery of tests on performance, thermal cooling, power consumption, quality of materials, and overclocking.

For digital signage applications, the SZ87R6 can be configured with high-end VGA cards and integrated into video wall systems made to deliver large scale digital signage. TurkChip found superb graphics performance while testing a high-end Geforce GTX 780Ti VGA card. Not only did the device yield excellent graphics performance, but it also maintained very cool CPU temperatures while noise levels were kept to a mere hum.

The SZ87R6 is designed for both commercial and consumer use and received great praise from for its sleek chassis and design. According to TurkChip reviewer, “The SZ87R6 has a stylish elegance that lends to any environment.”

For gaming enthusiasts and those looking for a capable Digital Home Entertainment system, the SZ87R6 supports overclocking with installation of Intel® K-series processors.

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