PCGameware, UK grants XPC cube “SZ170R8” a Gold Award


PCGameware is a PC gaming hardware review site. The PCGameware reviewer commented that “The SZ170R8 has proven to me that you can have a SFF PC and have a powerful Gaming system within.”

“The bottom line is that I’ve been shocked by the Shuttle XPC Cube SZ170R8 it’s proven me wrong! It is possible to have a good looking SFF PC that contains a powerful modern Gaming system and one that keeps the whole lot cool (just!). This is the first Shuttle PC we’ve seen here at pcG, but I sure hope it won’t be the last, in fact I might just buy one myself.” praised by PCGameware’s editor.

According to the editor of PCGameware “What’s impressive about the Shuttle XPC Cube SZ170R8 is not only its diminutive size but also its performance, and that’s Gaming performance we’re talking about here too! But what I wanted to see was whether you can build a real Gaming PC using the XPC Cube SZ170R8 as a base, and the answer to that folks is a resounding yes, and that pleases me greatly! “
“ Therefore as a staring point for a Gaming PC that’s going to live in your office or the living room the SZ170R8 is a great choice and you’ve simply got to love its simple small (cute) styling, that’s almost a hit simply due to its size alone!”
The SZ170R8 presents users with a flexible mini PC able to be purpose-built for various applications. Only a fraction of the size of a normal tower PC, this computer can still accommodate four 3.5” HDDs and high-end graphics cards for various demanding graphics and storage applications.

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