Shuttle “NC01U5”gets 8 Points from UK famous media- XSReviews


XSReviews is a UK-based media found in 2006. XSReviews is a long standing independent review site to provide product reviews, covering computer hardware, tech based gadgetry and gaming on PC and console platforms, and honors Shuttle XPC nano NC01U with “8 points”. This series is also an expansion slot, which allows the connection of three specially made Shuttle models for gaming, developing or media.

According to XSReview reviewer, “The Shuttle is a convincing mini PC, packing in a lot of power and connectivity into a small space. If you want to build your own portable media server or workstation, this is a pretty cool way to do it.” The NC01U5 can support 4K/ Ultra HD video playback and include diverse I/O ports, including USBs, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, RS232, Intel® Gigabit LAN, WLAN-AC+BT combo, Audio, and an SD card reader.

“ This tiny half-litre system can fit your own choice of components, including a ULV Intel processor, DDR3L RAM and a solid state drive, so you can equip it to serve in a number of roles: portable workstation, old-school gaming PC or media machine,” praises by the editor of XSReview. Shuttle introduces its first Mini PC with less than 600 ml in volume. This hyper small barebone can be equipped with up to 16GB of DDR3L memory, one M.2 (2242) SSD card and one 2.5” storage drive (HDD or SSD).

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