Shuttle Discusses Its Future Production Plans with the BBC World


As the world-leading producer of small form factor PCs and accessories, Shuttle is regarded as a shining example of design and manufacturing expertise in the Asia-Pacific region. With numerous international industry awards and a reputation for groundbreaking product releases months ahead of the competition, Shuttle has been one of the key figures that over the years helped Taiwan become an IT hub for the world. But Taiwan’s position is beginning to change as Taiwanese companies, having been enticed by China’s capacity for cheaper, high-volume production, move their manufacturing facilities over to the mainland. To discuss this trend BBC World reporter Caroline Gluk visited Shuttle’s Taipei headquarters and asked, would Shuttle, a company famous for its pioneering products and market leadership, be following its peers overseas?

In the interview that featured during a special extended edition of BBC World’s daily business news and information program, Asia Business Report, Shuttle Inc President David Yu explained how Shuttle had refused to risk its reputation for producing high-quality products simply for short-term profit gains, “While many companies in this market have spent time and energy shifting manufacturing to the mainland, we have invested in maintaining high manufacturing quality. To us maintaining high product quality and manufacturing control is more important than the small potential cost benefits of manufacturing in the mainland… Our strategy is to increase the value of Shuttle brand products by investing in quality and innovation, rather than simply cutting costs.”

A short excerpt from the program with footage filmed in Shuttle’s main manufacturing facility and also in the company hospitality and showroom is available here (6.23MB .wmv).

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