Southern Taiwan Gets Gaming Fever


Over 300 gamers and their supporters attended the event hosted by Shuttle and partners at a well known gaming arena in Taiwan's second largest city, Kaohsiung. Players competed in popular gaming titles, Counter Strike, WarCraft III, StarCraft:Broodwar, Need for Speed:Underground, and Dead or Alive, and at the end 21 champions were declared. These dedicated gamers will now go on to play in the national final held in Taipei in August, and will compete against other regional preliminary winners for a chance to represent Taiwan at the World Cyber Games in Singapore later this year.

By supporting the World Cyber Games in Taiwan, Shuttle hopes to promote gaming to wider audiences throughout the country, and to increase acceptance of eSports as a legitimate interest. When asked about her feelings regarding the event, lead promoter and organizer, Emilly Chiu said, "In past years, people in the more traditional southern Taiwan weren't as inspired to play PC games. The incredible turnout of competitors and spectators at this years WCG Taiwan event here in Kaohsiung shows that gaming fever is on the increase."

More information (in Chinese) about WCG Taiwan can be found at the official website.
The full calendar of WCG Taiwan events is as follows:

Regional preliminaries:
16-17 July - Kaohsiung
23-24 July - Taichung
30-31 July - Taipei

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