Shuttle XPC SN27P2 is the best product of 2006


The well-known hardware website – HardwareZone picks the top 100 products of 2006. Shuttle XPC SN27P2 (Intel 975X Express) has been selected as a one of top 100. Shuttle is the ONLY one PC brand wins 3 picks from 100 products.

Vijay said, “for those who prefer AMD processors, Shuttle has updated its XPC lineup with this AM2 based HTPC using NVIDIA's nForce 570 Ultra MCP. That means NVIDIA's proprietary technologies like its FirstPacket and MediaShield are all found on the SN27P2, along with the standards like eSATA, SATA RAID and PCI Express x 16. This is easily the most feature-packed AM2 HTPC.”

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