The Virtual CeBIT Exhibition has ended in a satisfactory way


The Virtual CeBIT Exhibition held by Shuttle has ended in a satisfactory way. In this exhibition Shuttle presented the latest conspicuously products, like SG33G5M for home entertainment, SD39P2 which supported Intel Core 2 Quad processor for power users, and the CarPC, the Shuttle first cross-field design.

The TweakTown reported that “The interesting thing is that the CAR PC will be powered by your vehicles battery (11.2 - 32 volts). When you turn off your vehicle, the system will shut down properly without just powering off and hence save you from losing any data..”. The DailyTech reported that “Specifications of the Shuttle CarPC are nearly identical to the previously released X200 small form factor system. An Intel Core Duo T2400 paired with the 945GM chipset delivers processing and graphics power. Integrated high-definition audio with one line-output and one S/PDIF are the only audio output sources available on the Shuttle CarPC – separate audio amplifiers are required to output sound to car speakers.”

Shuttle will send the detail data of products according to the visitors’ register data, thanks for media to pay close attention to Shuttle Virtual CeBIT Exhibition.

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