XPC SN27P2 Gets 93%


FiringSquad, one of the Internet's largest and most-recognized Hardware and Gaming sites, gave 93 out of 100 scores to XPC SN27P2.

FiringSquad reviewed, “Shuttle was also first to introduce a SFF for Socket 939, the first nForce 4, and the only nForce 4 SLI small form factor chassis.” XPC SN27P2 features the latest technology for the AMD platform, including PCI Express x16, SATA 3Gb/s with RAID, eSATA, and Gigabit LAN. Powered by the new NVIDIA nForce 570 Ultra MCP and featuring AM2 socket processor support, the XPC SN27P2 is ready to be partnered with AMD Athlon 64 X2 and FX series processors to create the most powerful XPC ever; 4 DDR2 memory slots and supports an incredible 8GB of RAM. Up to 4 times the capacity of previous generation XPCs, the XPC SN27P2 is optimized for future high-memory-demand applications such as 64-bit software, high definition video, and games. Furthermore, FiringSquad said, “on the top of the chassis are two aluminum trays for the hard drives. Another hard drive may be placed in the external 3.5” bay, for a total maximum for 3 hard drives….”

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