Shuttle"s latest release, the XPC SD36G5M has been given a "Recommended Product Award" by small form factor news and reviews site, SFFTech.

As the first XPC barebone to support Viiv technology, the XPC SD36G5M is geared towards Media Center and home theater (HTPC) entertainment. The barebone merges the stylish and popular G5 chassis with Shuttle"s VFD (Versatile Front-pannel Display) accessory allowing multimedia information to be displayed on the front on the system. SFFTech reviewers wrote, "The look is traditional Shuttle, but with a mirrored face and VFD, also modern. Suffice to say - we think this looks terrific."

To deliver the best media center experience possible, the XPC SD36G5M is configured with 7.1 channel high-definition audio and on board graphics supporting video playback acceleration and image quality enhancement features. SFFTech concluded, "This latest offering from Shuttle seems to almost have it all. It is Viiv compliant, has the G5 looks... a VFD (a must for HTPC use), more than sufficient on-board video, 7.1 H-D audio, PCI-E as well as PCI and good temperature and noise cores... It is quiet, stable, fast and good looking. What else could you want from your computer?"

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