XPC SD36G5M Scores Awards Hat Trick


Good things come in threes! This is exactly what the XPC SD36G5M proves by winning the Silver, Silent and Performance awards from German SFFPC website Barebonecenter.de. This "ideal all-rounder" successfully stood up to the high requirements of the testers and passed the review brilliantly.

The XPC SD36G5M scored a hit right after unpacking, impressing the reviewers with its elegant design. In this model, Shuttle’s well-tried G5 chassis features a mirrored front panel, and a Versatile Front-panel Display (VFD) that compliments the product’s Media Center functions by allowing multimedia information to be read comfortably off the front of the system. Barebonecenter.de highlighted this as, "A small but very interesting feature."

The XPC SD36G5M’s combination of high performance components and features, (including the Intel 945G chipset, Gigabit LAN, high definition 7.1 channel surround sound and Quick Resume function) and support for Media Center experiences enhanced by Viiv technology earned a ’Silver Award’ during the review. Also a ’Performance Award’ was received by the system for its impressive benchmark scores.

Finally, to Complete the awards hat trick, the XPC SD36G5M grabbed a ’Silent Award’ thanks to its, "Nearly optimal teamwork of cooling technology and noise levels."

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