XPC SD11G5 – The New Benchmark for Small Form Factor Systems


PC Pro, the leading authority on PC testing and information in the UK, has given the XPC SD11G5 their approval with a ’PC Pro Recommended’ award.

Unlike most other XPCs, the XPC SD11G5 has an external power supply, which leaves the insides of the chassis more room for better airflow. PC Pro reviewers wrote, "With no internal power supply, cool air and components live side by side in glorious silence."

At one-third the size of most desktop PC systems and with noise-output levels measuring less than 24dB, the XPC SD11G5 offers tangible improvements to home and office workspaces without compromising performance, PC Pro concluded, "It’s becoming increasingly difficult to justify the noise and heat produced by so many desktop PCs, and this Shuttle just proves one more compelling reason to go for the smaller option."

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