XPC SN26P 'Premium Grade Approved' by Leading UK Modding Enthusiast’s Magazine


In this month’s issue of modding enthusiast’s magazine Custom PC, reviewers put to the test Shuttle’s claim that its new XPC SN26P is ’the ultimate gaming system’.

Forcing the XPC through a number of extreme benchmark tests including an overnight run of popular 3D game Far Cry, reviews found that "The XPC SN26P barely broke sweat, returning the correct performance results for each test, even after running them all 7 times each."

Comparisons of the XPC SN26P to a full-size tower system proved that reducing the XPC to 1/3 the size of a regular desktop PC, did not cost anything in performance with both systems returning equal results. In conclusion Custom PC said, "With the XPC SN26P, Shuttle has proven that a kick-ass gaming system can be done in miniature," and gave the XPC their Premium Grade Approved Award.

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