Shuttle's ST20G5 wins Xtreme Award


Xtreme Resources, the enthusiast’s online guide to new technology, has endorsed the the new Shuttle XPC ST20G5 with their prestigious Xtreme Award. This award winning SFF is the first to feature full DirectX 9.0 integrated graphics, and support for ATI’s SurroundView™ technology.

"Shuttle has continued to master the small form factor," began reviewer, Steve Carmel, referring to the long list of features packed into the ST20G5. "The combination of an AMD Athlon™ 64 SFF case, DirectX 9.0 graphics, and SurroundView™ for multiple display functionality is a definite winner."

On the software side, the "plethora of fan speed controls and options" that are part of Shuttle’s trademark Silent X cooling solution were praised for the ability to keep the system "Super Quiet, Super Cool." "The ICE heat-pipe module was very efficient… I was hard pressed to see temperatures climbing above 43 degrees Celsius."

The ST20G5’s combination of "stunning yet very professional and understated look," excellent audio/visual performance, and quiet efficient operation make it an ideal candidate for use as a home theater PC. "Once I received the case, and saw how beautiful it was in person, … I began planning how it would fit into my home theater system as a PVR (personal video recorder) and multimedia PC."

"I'm presenting the Shuttle ST20G5 SFF case with the Xtreme Award, for prestige in the design and implementation of this new barebone kit."

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