Shuttle CR40: Style to burn


Club Overclocker (ClubOC), a hot IT website with new to-the-minute product reviews, has burned in the CR40, Shuttle’s new 16X DVD±RW. Not only did ClubOC adore the smooth styling, they went absolutely crazy for the over-the-top performance of this superbly designed drive.

“The main drive panel comes in three different colors,” enthused ClubOC. “It makes for a nice design trend typical of Shuttle’s careful aesthetic design.”
Ergonomically designed for our savvy customer base, the CR40 delivers fast 16X DVD write speeds, without the noisy or jerky operation of yesterday’s burners.

“The key thing we noticed was how smooth this burner operates,” added ClubOC. “It is very quiet, and even under stressful conditions such as installing a game or ripping audio the drive is so incredibly quiet.”

At 16X speeds, the CR40 can write an amazing 4.7GB of data in just 6 minutes. Further, the CR40 can pack (4X dual-layer burning) an amazing 8.5GB on to a single disc.

“The Shuttle CR40 does exactly what it is supposed to do and it does it smoothly and with style,” awed ClubOC.

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