Shuttle XP17: Extreme visual appeal


PC Authority, known for it’s cool, clear and concise reviews, has ogled at the extremely stylish XP17 flat panel display (FPD). Design and crafted for discerning users, the XP17 delivers performance and style over and above any other LCD on the market.

“While specs and performance are high for a TFT, the real standout is the XP17’s design,” gushed editor Darren Ellis. “This is by far the best-looking TFT I’ve tested, with a tubular frame running around the screen to form both the stand and a carry handle.”
This tough single piece aluminum frame provides extra versatility with its 90º swivel stand, making it easy to switch between portrait and landscape operation.

With its native 1280 x 1024 resolution and fast 16ms panel response, the XP17 is ideal for performance-minded gamers and content professionals. Further, with its wide viewing angle (140 degrees) and high 450:1 contrast resolution, this panel delivers sharp, crisp images from every direction.

“Another highlight of the XP17 is the toughened, tempered glass covering for the TFT panel with an anti-glare coating,” praised Darren. “Not only does this protect the screen but it makes DVD or video watching a pleasure.”

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