XPC SB83G5: The cool & quiet solution


SFFTech, the world’s leading Small Form Factor (SFF) website and community, has benchmarked the XPC SB83G5 for acoustic and thermal performance. In these tests, the XPC SB83G5 demonstrated Shuttle’s design excellence and platform leadership.

“The SB83G5 is an excellent SFF,” said reviewer Tuan Huynh. “Costing a little more than the Aopen EX915, the Shuttle … [is] worth it for those more concerned about noise, cooling and overall system stability that come with lower thermals.“
Fitted with Shuttle’s advanced 4G Integrated Cooling Engine (ICE) — with all new 92mm cooling fan and Smart Fan control options — the XPC SB83G5 features cooling technologies far beyond the reach of its rivals. Furthermore, it integrated “Super Quiet, Super Cool” Silent X 250W PSU ensures stable, continuous power to keep you working.

“With the amount of hardware in the system (see specs here), the Shuttle still managed to produce below 60dBA at full load,” wowed Tuan. “This is a lot quieter compared to the Aopen ... Also for those that want to run Pentium 4 Extreme Editions, the SB83G5 will support it, unlike the Aopen.”

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