XPC SB81P: Ahead of the game


Personal Computer World (PCW), in conjunction with leading UK publications Computer Active and PC Magazine, highly recommends the new XPC SB81P for users seeking all the power of a desktop in the small form factor footprint.

“Shuttle has been at the forefront of SFF (Small Form Factor) PC design since the concept first saw the light of day,” praised reviewer Simon Crisp. “[i]ts latest offering, the XPC SB81P, shows that it is still one step ahead.”
The XPC SB81P is the first SFF computer to support Intel’s new Prescott-core Pentium 4 (Socket 775) CPUs. Further, with an integrated x16 PCI Express graphics slot, space for three Serial ATA (RAID 0,1, 0+1 capable) drives and best-of-class Silent X 350W power supply, this small form factor computer delivers exception performance and expandability.

“Once again Shuttle has pushed the boundaries of what's possible with the SFF format and maintained an edge over its rivals,” reiterated PCW. “The SB81P could easily form the basis of a powerful desktop or even entry-level workstation system.”

The XPC SB81P is on sale worldwide though authorized Shuttle resellers. Join the SFF revolution with the evolutionary XPC SB81P by Shuttle.

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