XPC SN95G5 makes waves in the gaming scene


GamePC, a savvy PC gaming website, has rated the new XPC SN95G5 as “Truly top notch in nearly every regard.” In an explosive review, GamePC outlines the advantages of this excellent PC as the basis for extreme gaming and high-performance applications.

“From a hardware perspective, Shuttle has a nearly perfect hardware setup for anyone who wants a small, quiet, Athlon64/FX game rig or workstation,” exclaimed reviewer Chris Connolly. “The SN95G5 is the first Socket-939 SFF system, which also means it’s the first dual-channel DDR Athlon64 SFF and the first to support the Athlon64 FX processor.”
Integrated with a GeForce 6800-series graphics card, the SN95G5 is an exceptional small form factor gaming system. Benchmarking a similar configuration against an Asus 939 board, GamePC discovered the SN95G5 to be a colossal performer.

On the aesthetic front, the G5 design is a “winner,” praised Connolly. “We love the overall look of the SN95G5, as they’ve created a design which will appeal to both gamers and content creation users…. It’s got just the right mix of professionalism and edgy appeal.”

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