XPC SB81P: Pure geek lust


The Tech Report, a long-time and trusted reviewer of Shuttle XPCs, has benchmarked the XPC SB81P. As the title suggests, the Tech Report was wrapped by this high-performance machine, had some very glowing comments to share with their readers.

“This little box is one of the coolest pieces of gear to make its way into Damage Labs for a long, long time,” said Scott Wasson. “Shuttle's new P-series chassis is a massive stride forward for the XPC line.”
“The fit and finish are characteristically excellent and the new tool-free interior makes installation a breeze,” praised Wasson. “With PCI Express graphics and dual-channel DDR400 memory, performance is comparable with competing full-size ATX systems. And, the thing manages to wrap up the Pentium 4 Prescott 3.6GHz processor in an attractive package that doesn't sound like a wet-dry vac[uum cleaner].”

Attractive indeed. New stealth doors are featured on the front of the P-series, and serve to cleverly hide the port, optical drive and floppy drive bays when not in use. Further, the P-series also features a built-in card reader for even easier access to your digital media.

“[W]ith apologies to the SB75S, this may be the most aesthetically pleasing XPC yet,” concluded Wasson.

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