XPC SB81P: For the keen power user


Hexus.net, UK’s answer to Anandtech (as their website points out), has taken a first look at Shuttle’s new to market SB81P. In a thorough review of the new P-chassis and integrated features, Hexus was “very very impressed.”

“I'm a fan of the old XPCs, but the P-series chassis pushes all the right buttons for me,” said Hexus reviewer Ryszard. “Bigger is definitely better here, for this reviewer. I doubt you'd notice the extra external room it'll take up on your desk or shelf, but you'll definitely appreciate the new internal space if you're a keen power user.”
Utilizing this extra space to the max, the SB81P has room for three serial ATA Hard drives and one optical drive. Best still, this machine features a new toolless installation method, which is both simple and time saving.

“Matrix Storage and the ability to pack 3 HDDs in there definitely appeals,” praised Ryszard. “That you can do so alongside an optical drive is even better. That the optical drive can be any color you like due to stealthing the bay is the icing on top of a very tasty cake.

The SB81P also delivers the goodness of high-definition audio for music and sound enthusiast’s seeking a top-of-the-line integrated sound solution. All in all, the SB81P is a excellent solution for power user’s seeking to gain the advantages of next generation technology, today

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