XPC SB81P: Choice of the new generation


SFFTech, a leading small form factor enthusiast website, has just posted a glowing review of Shuttle’s latest benchmark XPC, the SB81P. Based on Intel®’s new-to-market 915G chipset and featuring Shuttle’s fresh P chassis, “the SB81P is a strong performer with impressive thermodynamics and top of the line performance.”

“The P-style case chassis is loaded with fantastic features, and an impressive showing of cool and quiet performance,” said SFF reviewer Adam Traidman. “Featuring triple 3.5” drive bays, screwless drive installation, a completely re-designed cooling system, and the 350 Watt Silent X PSU, it’s clear that many aspects of the SB81P are here to stay for future Shuttle SFF systems.”
At the heart of the SB81P rests Intel’s new 915G + ICH6-R chipset. With support for Socket 775 CPUs, gigabit LAN, serial ATA with RAID, dual-channel DDR 400 memory and x16 PCI Express technology, the SB81P satisfies.

During testing, SFFTech loaded this machine with a Socket 775 Pentium®4 3.4GHz Extreme Edition to truly test the SB81P’s cooling system and thermal design. The SB81P handled this CPU no hiccups, and left SFFTech in awe, “thoroughly impressed with the SB81P’s environmental performance, producing consistently cooler and quieter operating conditions than expected.”

“At the end of the day, the SB81P is a strong performer with impressive thermodynamics, and top of the line performance,” reiterated Adam. “Shuttle’s next generation XPC is just that, featuring a completely new design on almost every front.”

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