The XPC SB61G2: It just keeps getting better


Hardware hell, Israel’s pumping computer news, reviews and editorial site, has posted a glowing review of the Shuttle XPC SB61G2 v3. Delighted by the powerful integrated features, performance and stunning good looks, Hwhell christined this machine with their sought after Gold Award

“To be honest, I really enjoyed working with this sexy little box,” said editor Ala Shiban. “Its elegant looks and powerful features make this PC well worth the money.”
The Silent X PSU, which delivers 250W of power and is less than 302dB at full load, has been included in this version along side new and better performing ICE module and redesigned airflow mechanics in the way of new integrated cable management.

“I was impressed with how much could be crammed into such a small space, and I think we’re now looking at quite a trend in computing because of that,” praised Ala Shiban. “I think that SFF systems will become a major attraction to more and more home users due to its less imposing looks and excellent performance.”

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