XPC SS56L: More style, features


Extreme Overclocking, a hardcore PC review site, has seriously overclocked the Shuttle XPC SB75G2. After pushing this Intel Canterwood-based computer's FSB up to an amazing 290MHz, Extreme Overclocking presented Shuttle with "Editor's Choice","Extreme Overclocker" and "Highly Recommended" awards.

"The benchmarks speak for themselves, the Shuttle SB75G2 may be small, but it certainly packs quite a punch," said Jason Rabel, Extreme Overclocking Editor. "I'm thoroughly impressed with the performance and features of the SB75G2. Shuttle has really taken the time and effort in designing and building a quality product for the consumer."
Based on the Intel 875P chipset (Canterwood), the XPC SB75G2 delivers the performance features that enthusiasts and overclockers are seeking. Supporting 800MHz FSB processors (including Prescott cores) dual-channel DDR 400, Serial ATA with RAID and unprecedented overclocking features, this machine has the power to keep you on your fragging toes.

"I was also especially pleased with the overclocking results, Shuttle's ICE technology [integrated cooling engine] really does work great to keep the CPU cool in this tiny case" stated Rabel. "With this (3.2GHz extreme edition) CPU installed and mild voltage increase, we managed a solid 290FSB! Now that is just smoking!"

Want the best-performing SFF computer? Get the XPC SB75G2!

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