XPC Zen — The quiet revolution


Atomic MPC, Australia’s hottest guide to power computing, has lab tested Shuttle’s "Super Quiet, Super Cool" XPC Zen. Overwhelmed by the noise killing features and high-end performance, Atomic dished out their highest level of praise for XPC Zen, the "Hot Award".

"Silence is golden," opened reviewer John Gillooly. "There are many products that call themselves silent; with varying degrees of success, but Shuttle’s XPC Zen (ST62K) is … the quietest system to ever pass through the Atomic Labs… it was so quiet that we kept assuming it was turned off."
XPC Zen eliminates the ergonomic failings of traditional PCs and still supports the full range of PentiumR 4 processors, including Intel’s new Prescott core CPU’s, a sensational achievement. Also supporting dual-channel DDR400 memory, and HyperThreading technology, XPC Zen is 20-percent smaller than a Shuttle G or G2 series XPC, and less than half the size of large, bloated ATX form factor PC.

"This is a work of engineering art," said Gillooly. "Designed for consumer and home media use … it uses an external 180W power supply brick to reduce size and noise."

Further, XPC Zen features radically fast integrated graphics, with 2D and 3D performance rivaling even that of middle of the range add-on cards. Coupled with the new Shuttle XP17 flat screen display, Zen is the ideal core of any business, home or entertainment computer.

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