XPC SB75S: Slick consumer style, refined power


Two leading PC hardware review websites, The Tech Report and GamePC, have posted glowing reviews of Shuttle’s limited edition XPC SB75S. Described as "the essence of cool and the current zenith of small form factor PC," the XPC SB75S unites seriously slick styling and top-performance hardware into a sweetly-priced small form factor.

"The SB75S can be the base for an incredibly powerful system – it’s got all the bases covered," explained Chris Connonlly, GamePC reviewer. "Prescott P4 support, up to 2GB of DDR-400, Serial ATA/150 RAID, Gigabit LAN, FireWireR, USB 2.0, Digital audio, there’s not much more you could ask of in a case and motherboard combination."
The new "S" chassis, created inconjunction with Soldam (Japan), also brings some excellent features. The integrated "stealth drive door" keeps the optical drive hidden when closed, while the "recessed media bay" hides peripheral jacks when not in use providing exceptional visual appeal.

Bundled with MandrakeSoft’s Mandrake Linux Discovery Edition, Open for Business' (OFB) "Linux Distribution of the Year" (2003), the XPC SB75S offers better value and options for SFF enthusiasts. Never installed Mandrakes Linux? Scott Wasson from the Tech Report discovered "the Mandrake install is a quick, two-CD process … [and] was over in half the time a Windows XP install might take."

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