Shuttle's XPC Zen:Keeping it small, neat, tidy


The Financial Times (FT), the world’s second largest finance/business newspaper with over 1.51 million readers per issue, has introduced to its technology-savvy readers the advantages of Shuttle’s small form factor (SFF) technology, in particular, XPC Zen.

"At Shuttle, good things come in small packages," opened FT’s Paul Taylor. "Shuttle’s XPC machines measure 190mm wide, 170mm high and 280mm deep … [b]ut do not be fooled by their diminutive size: most of these PCs pack more punch than the floor-standing super-towers of yesteryear."

First launched in 2001, the Shuttle XPC is the original and still by far the best-selling SFF brand. Now with over 16 models currently on sale, Shuttle continues to push the envelope of SFF industrial and technical design with the sensation causing XPC Zen.

"Like other members of the XPC line, the Zen is designed to appeal not just to gaming enthusiasts but also to digital music fans, amateur film-makers and anyone that needs a powerful, do-anything PC in a small desktop package," revealed Taylor. "Shuttle’s machines have another advantage — they are designed to be ultra-quiet, making them particularly suitable for use in libraries, the living room or the bedroom."

"The designers of this machine have proven that innovation and practical features can be combined in a small package," Taylor concluded. "Their attention to detail is evident: even the cables inside the XPC chassis are neat despite the limited space."

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