The SN41G2 XPC:An engineering marvel


"When it comes to PCs, I’ve always thought bigger is better," said Tom Mainelli, senior associate editor. " But then I built my first small-form-factor PC, using a bare-bones package from Shuttle. And wouldn’t you know it, the little bugger absolutely blew me away with its excellent set of features and an attractive case I’d proudly place on my desk or in my living room."

Though only one-third the size of a full-size tower, the SN41G2 still delivers a full-palette of performance features capable of handling the most demanding computer applications. Further, this great machine ships with support for two VGA monitors, FireWireR 400, 6-channel audio and the power of NVIDIA's nForce?2 IGP.

"The entire system easily handled everything I threw at it, from basic tasks like Web surfing and document creation to bigger jobs like media encoding and DVD burning," exclaimed Mainelli. "My modest processor and memory selections never caused problems, and the 200-watt power supply* never balked. I’m impressed."

"My XPC SN41G2 barebones PC is so cleverly conceived and designed, it nearly brought tears to my geek eyes," concluded Mainelli.

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