XPC Zen: A fresh approach


(Taipei, Taiwan — March 22, 2004) Dan’s Data, a leading-independent PC hardware review site with all the quirks of the extraordinary Dan Rutter, has examined the Shuttle XPC Zen (ST62K). Reviewing the XPC with a broad spectrum of consumers in mind, Rutter summed up this SFF computer as a "competent all-rounder. Recommended."

Based on the ATI RADEON 9100 IGP, with dual-channel DDR400 memory, Hyperthreading support and wicked-fast onboard graphics (with TV-out controller), this latest offering features a powerful array of features to satisfy anyone’s hardware needs.

"It’s distinctly different from the other current Shuttle offerings, and from pretty much every other SFF box out there today," explained Rutter. "The Zen … could suit a lot of people down to the ground. Even overclockin’ fools are likely to find a place in their hearts for a Zen."

XPC Zen delivers several radically new SFF technology advancements: Twenty percent smaller than previous XPC’s, noiseless (fanless) external power adapter, intelligently-engineered airflow mechanics and the new consumer styled "K" chassis. Together, these advancements make the XPC Zen "Super Quiet, Super Cool" and the ideal machine for the home, office of multimedia center.

"The XPC Zen is a great little system," concluded Dan. "Small, quiet, nice looking, not very expensive for what you get."

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