The XPC SB65G2:The power user's upgrade


Personal Computer World (PCW), a leading British PC news, reviews and information publication, has reviewed the XPC SB65G2. Taking the XPC SB65G2 out of the package for a test drive, PCW demonstarted the SB65G2 as a powerful alternative to traditional desktop PC’s and the value of upgrading to Shuttle’s SFF platform.

"Stylishly finished in black anodised aluminium, the SB65G2 certainly looks the part," began PCW editor, Simon Crisp. "With a number of black optical, floppy or Flash card readers available, there is no excuse for sticking a beige unit in either of 5.25 or 3.5 inch external bays to spoil the effect."

Enclosed in the sharp looking SB65G2's chassis is Shuttle’s FB65 motherboard. Based on the overclocker-friendly IntelR 865PE + ICH5 chipset, this superbly-designed motherboard supports dual-channel DDR400, 80MHz CPUs and wicked-fast Serial ATA — all the performance features needed to blast away clumsy ATX motherboards.

The I/O interface on this XPC is also first-rate — FireWireR 400, USB 2.0, integrated Wireless LAN and digital audio — everything needed to connect all your peripheral devices. Further, with Silent X technology ensuring cool and quiet operation, setting up the SB65G2 in your home’s quiet living areas is a natural.

"Shuttle’s SB65G2 is as near silent as you can get with a PC these days," revealed Crisp. "With the addition of wireless to the SB65G2, it keeps one step ahead of the competition."

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