Shuttle XPC Prima SX38P2 Pro Gets 9 Points from the U.S. Famous Media-Computer Shopper Magazine and


Computer Shopper Magazine and, the U.S. famous magazine and online guide to today’s hit technology for enthusiasts, honor Shuttle XPC Prima SX38P2 Pro with “9 points”, which means the product stands at the very top of their class and have few or no flaws.

“The 8.7x8.25x12.8-inch enclosure is about half the height of an average minitower, with a tasteful design that lets the machine blend stealthily into your living-room decor.” Shuttle SX38P2 Pro impresses the editor in its small size but a beefy power supply, as well as overclocking support and dual CrossFire video cards. “Inside, the SX38P2 Pro sports an enhanced fan/heat-pipe cooling design and Intel's latest X38 chipset, allowing it to use the newest processors—up to and including the quad-core Core 2 Extreme.” The editor highlights the inside design.

Thanks to the pre-routed cabling, DIY users only need to spare a little time for assembly. Despite the high-end processor and fast video card, the system was rock-stable during extended gaming and video-rendering tests. To sum up, “Well-built, easy to assemble given its tight quarters, relatively quiet, and capable of using cutting-edge components, the SX38P2 is a great foundation for a compact—but high-performance computer.”

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