Korporate Perfect Cube


(Taipei, Taiwan, 18 Feb 2008) Shuttle Inc. – leading designer and manufacturer of small form factor (SFF) computers and accessories today announced the launch of its latest KPC (Korporate Perfect Cube) – the Shuttle KPC K45, a green cube which consumes very little power and is cost effective. As the issue of global warming grows, “each resident of our global village has the responsibility to use eco-friendly products to help reduce carbon dioxide”, said Mr. David Yu, Chairman of Shuttle Inc. “In order for us to support this new green movement, Shuttle launched the new KPC K45”, indicated by Mr. Gary Lee, Director, Product and Marketing Division of Shuttle Inc. The Shuttle KPC K45 is mainly designed for the work in office, conference room, call center, reception, tourist centre, computer centre, library, lobby, or home. The quiet KPC K45 produces less than 28dBs than the standard cooler which is lower than the library. Users easily customize PC and make work fun with just 1-minute, 2-clicks and 3-steps by the specially designed MyKover. K45 has an extremely efficient power saving function. Even when KPC K45 is in full use, power consumption is only at less 55W. All KPC components follow strict standards of RoHS and green guideline.

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About Shuttle Inc.
Established in 1983 and publicly listed since 2000, Shuttle Inc (TAIEX 2405) is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of small form factor (SFF) computers and accessories. Shuttle produced the first commercially-successful SFF computer and continues to define the segment with its platform defining XPC product line.

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