Shuttle XPC Prima SP35P2 Pro Gets PC World Recommended Award


PC World, Philippines gives Shuttle XPC Prima SP35P2 Pro Recommended Award in its review of Shuttle XPC Prima SP35P2 Pro. The Shuttle exclusive features, a fingerprint reader and XPC Tools gain the editor’s praises. “Fingerprint reader is a nice and high-end touch.” “XPC Tools is handy, giving a simple graphical interface for monitoring and changing various system parameters.” The interior design of XPC Prima SP35P2 Pro is also impressed by the editor, “The internal components are cleverly laid out, fitting everything comfortably inside the 325x210x220 mm chassis.”

“It’s a pretty nifty package overall, giving you the power of Intel’s P35 chipset and a complete set of connectivity options in a compact frame. It feels like a high-end system too; Shuttle’s excellent build quality and usual touches—from the tied-down cables and swinging mechanisms to the OASIS cooling kit and the XPC Tools utility—does the job well.”

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