Shuttle drives SFF innovation with Silent X technology


Shuttle Inc, the world's leading designer and manufacturer of small form factor (SFF) computers, is proud to announce the arrival of Silent X, a family of computer heat and noise reduction technologies designed exclusively for Shuttle's XPC line of SFF computers.

"Silent X is a world-class family of cooling and noise-reduction technologies exclusive to the Shuttle XPC," said Jonathon Yi, vice-president of product management, Shuttle. "The Silent X logo is your assurance that Shuttle XPC's are 'Super Quiet, Super Cool.'"

The Silent X concept is embodied in a number of discreet Shuttle technoligies, including,The Silent X 250W PSU,Integrated Cooling Engine (ICE); and Intelligently-engineered airflow mechanics.

The Silent X 250W PSU is available immediately as an integrated component in select XPC models. It's also available as a value-added upgrade for Shuttle's G and G2-series XPC's. ICE heat-pipe technology and intelligently-engineered airflow mechanics are standard features on all shipping Shuttle XPC's.

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